Authorized Dispensing


From vending beverages from a post-mix fountain dispenser to controlling unauthorized dispensing, the fountain BOBŪ controller is the answer to today's low margin beverage sales.

Utilizing RFID technology from Microtronic, fountain BOBŪ controllers are the monitor for self-serve kiosks in grocery/convenience stores, stadiums, amusement/water parks, movie theaters and QSRs.

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Schools need to serve 8 ounces of juice to students every day to provide the minimum daily requirements of vitamins and nutrients. Rather than individual 8 ounce containers that must go into the landfill, the fountain BOBŪ dispenses only what is required with no residual waste. It will also report to every State capitol every student that had a juice the day before.



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Call 877 GO BOB GO for information or to place an order for the fountain BOBŪ controller. With worldwide sales for over 30 years, we can put together the entire package of what it takes to dispense a beverage. We even build carts, a complete "roll off the truck" solution.